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18 January

More – than – Soap

The Company using soap to create work opportunities for people who are visually impaired, have disabilities or are otherwise disadvantaged.

17 January

More – than – Jeans.

Meet Hiut Denim. The Jeans company bringing it back to wales.

09 January

Our Film

We had a right giggle putting this together!

09 January

Fulfilment House

Our Apprenticeship programme.

18 October

More – than – Pizza

Meet Well Kneaded. A social enterprise changing the world with pizza.

23 August

Let’s get Organic

Beside feet, we're pretty fussy about what goes into our socks.

31 July

Brand Watch • Apolis

Apolis (uh–paul–iss) means “global citizen." A socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide.

19 January

Question & answer time.

Those awkward questions on Homelessness we all want to ask.

13 January

The Luminary Bakery

More - than - Baking.

19 December

Jollie’s x Old Spike

More - than - coffee.

04 July

More – Than – Sandwiches

Meet the social sandwich shop taking on the big boys.

03 July

Welcome to Jollie’s

Our purpose and plan.