Charity of the Month: Ace Of Clubs (Clapham)

Welcome to Jollie’s

03 July

Our purpose and plan.

Written by Ed Vickers


We believe Homelessness is ridiculous. So much so we’ve dedicated our company to focus on three simple things.


ONE  –  Make exceptional socks.


We’re dedicated to learning what it takes to make the best socks. Because we sell directly to you, we can design, make and sell socks the right way. Where everyone wins. Cotton pickers to sock pickers.


TWO  –  Donate socks to shelters.


By giving a pair of socks away for every pair sold, we’re able to support visitors of shelters in need of fresh socks. Can you believe that socks are the most needed but least donated items of clothing given to shelters? See our giving page for more info.


THREE  –  Stand up for those sitting on our streets.


Jollie’s is about much more than just socks. We want to make as much noise for the amazing charities we support and the needs of people they serve.

So we’re going to tell stories, break stereotypes, give socks, raise money and spread love to everyone in our society. And have some fun doing so.