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More – Than – Sandwiches

04 July

Meet the social sandwich shop taking on the big boys.

Written by JeffH


Whether you’re a classic ham and cheese or a fancy brioche and salami person, we can all agree sarnie’s are responsible for most happiness had between 12pm and 1pm each day.


So when we say Social Bite represents something that is, “More-Than-(A)-Sandwich” we know that’s no small claim! But just take a stroll into one of the Social Bite Sandwich shops and you’ll see what we mean.


With 1 in 4 of their staff being formerly homeless and a pay-it-forward system that allows customers to buy sandwiches for men and women sleeping rough, Social Bite has a proven record of providing support for those who felt they could never be a part of society. But they haven’t stopped there! They continually develop projects that provide men and women the opportunities to get back on their feet (check out their Social Bite Academy: teaching life skills to rough-sleepers to re-enter society.)


Here at Jollie’s we have been continually challenged by the ingenuity and work ethic of the Social Bite. A question we get pretty often is, “why socks?” So we find a kindred spirit in Social Bite when someone might ask them “why sandwiches?” Funny how something we take for granted can mean something so much more.


Check them our here : SOCIAL BITE >>