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Let’s get Organic

23 August

Beside feet, we're pretty fussy about what goes into our socks.

Written by Ed Vickers

We think the best brands in the world produce products that prioritise people and the planet.

So for us, quite simply, our sourcing, manufacturing and fulfilment are as important, if not more important, as our giving.

Thanks to our friends at Know The Origin we’ve been challenged to learn more about cotton and to find the best of the best in both quality and supply chain sustainability. That’s why we’ve committed to use GOTS certified organic cotton in all our future sock knitting. We’re really excited about it.

But why? Well watch The True Cost movie and we promise you won’t want those 90 minutes back.

We hope to be part of a group of brands who will stop ethical production being deemed as a “USP” but just normal business practice.