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Sock it to homelessness

With every pair bought, a pair is given. We support homeless shelter's with the item of clothing they need most. Socks.

In a nutshell

The Mission

• Make great socks.
• Send sock donations to Shelters.
• Stand up for those sitting on our streets.

A story about socks

Our Ed started Jollie's after becoming uneasy about walking past people sleeping rough and not knowing what to do. After chatting to visitors at a local Shelter, he saw a need he could get his head around. Socks.

Fresh socks might not seem like a life-changer, but for those walking the streets, day and night foot health is essential. Turns out, socks are the most needed but under-donated items of clothing shelter's receive.

So Ed got out his crayons, designed some socks, found a friendly factory and spent his student loan on the first run of stock. He started selling to anyone interested. Friends, family, cat and dog. And for every pair he sold, he donated a pair to a shelter.

That was 2012. We've now built a family of wearers and sharers donating thousands of pairs to over 50 shelter's nation-wide.

The story has just started. Come write the rest of it with us.

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